Genesis 22:1-19 When Abraham Sacrifices Isaac

Sometimes you’re beautiful.
You make Heaven crash into Earth.

You make the Gospel real –
Good News incarnate.


And then sometimes,
you bring hell into our “home.”

You are Abraham and he/we are Isaac.
Bound with wood,
Ready to be stabbed to death,
And set aflame.


A burnt offering to your god perhaps.
Is it fear that drives you?
If so, what are you afraid of?
Yourself, perhaps.

Love, mayhap.

And yet, I/We trusted you.
Broke bread with you.

Maybe it was the drink that did it.
No wonder this felt so familiar.


This is not how the Kin-dom is to come.
And to think, I had faith in you.

– inspired by Genesis 22:1-19

shout out to Silas for this gem. 💎


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