Crucifixion #icantbreathe

This week I’ve been dealing with some real anxiety – the kind that feels like someone or something is strangling you or sitting on your chest with the purpose of making it impossible for you to inhale, (let alone exhale). I’m talking about the kind that takes your breath away.

IMG_2008.JPGAnd yet, last night during the Good Friday service at Church of the Ascension, I was reminded that what I’ve been feeling is just an inkling of the suffocation of crucifixion, which made me think of what Eric Garner (God forgive us), Sandra Bland (God forgive us), and Aylan Al-Kurdi (God forgive us) may have experienced before their death. #icantbreathe

IMG_2009.JPGGod forgive us for the things we have done and not done which lead to injustice and lives lost like these.

IMG_2010.JPGOn this Holy Saturday we are invited to join Jesus in the tomb. It is the one day, since the day he was born, that the world is thought to be without his Love and Light. Be in the darkness today so that tomorrow, we may truly celebrate his Life and Resurrection.


Real T,



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