Were you there? #translivesmatter


In seminary, we (the Heyward Boswell Society aka LGBTQ students association) created a Holy Week/Good Friday worship service centered around the lives of the crucified.

Matthew Shepard‘s torture and crucifixion served as the jumping point for a remembering of many other LGBTQ identified people’s murders. We lifted up transwomen crucified all over the world.

Were we to continue this theme in the states today, in 2016, we would already have 7 names of transpeople to cry out:

Kourtney Yochum

Monica Loera

Jasmine Sierra

Maya Young

Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson

Demarkis Stansberry

Kayden Clarke

So on this Good Friday, we must ask, who among us have been crucified? Were you there?

We were – but I hope and pray we did not and will not commit the greatest act of betrayal. Silence.


real T,




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