As N.W.A. once said, F*CK THA PHARISEES

I have a longer post coming for y’all about Confirmation as a practice in Conscientization but it ain’t ready right now cause I’m preparing to preach this Sunday (Matthew 22:1-14 & other parables) so I’m trying to stay focused on that.

Speaking of which, quick poll: can I call the Pharisees some petty “mfs” in a sermon or is that going too far?  #‎imnotapastorijustpreachalot‬ (and curse, but that’s no secret)

I should probably stop listening to N.W.A. while trying to think through this thang. Ha! Jk I love this song! So let me get back to it. In the meantime, I’m gonna leave y’all with some Pharisee themed memes.








Don’t forget to go and create your own!

P.S. I dare you to do a whole sermon in memes. OMG WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS SOONER.

Real T,



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