May Day 2014



You may have noticed that I have been away! Earlier this year I committed to posting at least once a week, but that had to be put on hold. April kept me busier than usual between Lent, Holy week, a family reunion, Easter, moving, and now I am away again. However, I wanted to take a moment to remember May Day celebrations all over and share this piece I wrote last year. Just something short and sweet, I guess.

Chicago Sounds Like

Children sing on playground swings
as the blood line comes to a stop.

There is a sweet exchange between metal and chains
that only children’s voices can make beautiful.

The wind beats against my breast as birds chirp,
sounding to the rest of Creation –
Chicago spring is here!

May day.
May day.
May day.

Maybe, we say – today,
Chicago sounds like hope and possibility.

#mayday2014 #ImmigrantRights #LegalizationforAll 

I hope you will take some time today to learn more about the labor movement, as well as, what kinds of celebrations might be happening in a city near you!

May Day 2014: Celebrate International Workers’ Day!

Howard Zinn Project: Link to image above
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