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Most of the time, when I log into Facebook, it’s less about seeing what so-and-so is up to or looking at yet another photo of my friend’s kid (although, I am so glad that that is a thing in their life that they are proud of and want to share with the entire world and yes, 3 out of 5 times I will “like” it, and yes sometimes I will even post a photo or two of my godchild #sorrynotsorry).

What I enjoy more, however, about social media is the way in which my friends and colleagues (partners doing the work) get to stay connected through sharing resources. That is, I gain access to articles they’ve written, blogs they’re reading, workshops and events they’re leading or attending, etc.

Honestly, this is how I find out what is happening in my city, as well as, continue to learn and develop my “real talk theology” model for doing youth ministry. Yay for grassroots organizing! With that in mind, here are five resources I have come across this week that are ripe for real talk theology conversation:

1. 15 Adorable Kids Pose as Iconic Figures in Women’s History: Right now my church youth group is made up of mostly young women of color. Who are the women in history that matter to them? How do we celebrate them? How do i/we inspire and support them in a world that white washed and anti-womanist? I think our sunday school program will be recreating some of these photos at some point this summer.

Photo by Eunique Jones

Photo by Eunique Jones

2.  7 Worst International Aid Ideas:An important read for churches and ministries as they consider international mission work and their partners. In what ways do these charities and aid programs perpetuate a kind of paternalism and colonialism? Also, for my white friends, remember the power of the #whitesaviorcomplex 

3. Calling IN: A Less Disposable Way of Holding Each Other Accountable: I’m really in love with this notion of “Calling Out & Calling In” and think it’s really critical that we consider the ways in which we relate to one another as we build relationships and bridge communities as we do various kinds of anti-oppression work. Also, the Black Girl Dangerous blog is the bomb.

4. Here’s 15 Ways to Let Trans People Know You See Them and Care: Trans Day of Visibility was this past week. Of course, this should be a year long practice rooted in relationship and solidarity, but here are a few tips to get you started. #callingout #callingin

5. Totally Biased reports on Sikh Captain America: In this edition of “Man About Town,” Hari Kondabolu reports on Vishavjit Singh, a Sikh New Yorker who dresses up as Captain America to fight intolerance. “Look out, bigots! This Captain has a fist full of empathy for you!” Geez, there is so much packed in this video that I think is ripe for some real talk theology with teens: race and religion in America is just a start, but also, what do we value in a super hero?


Hope you find these helpful. Happy weekend! Keep it real.

Real t,



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